Weekly run-down

Guess how many miles I ran last week? Zero. It was a planned rest week and the good Lord agreed when he sent the ice, snow, rain and plummeting temperatures. I did make it to the gym. (some) Sunday: Rain, then the ice moved in. Monday: Ice. Tuesday: Still ice. I did go to work for […]

Marathon playlist

With the Dallas Marathon 10 days away, it’s time to update the playlist and get my iPod ready to go! I have lots of different music and this is just a sampling of some of my current favorites. Some are new and some are just “new to me”.  I don’t normally listen to music when […]

Weekly re-cap

Another week closer to summer! I’m sorry I’m counting down the days. So ready for 6th grade to be done. Ready to not have so much in our schedule. (is that even possible?) Ally had 2 games this week and she pitched her first whole game. I couldn’t be prouder! This week was also her […]

Beautiful morning for a PR

It’s been a great training week. Food and water intake is back on track, now just have to keep it up! Training this week: Sunday: Spin class Monday: Track workout, core and conditioning Tuesday: Track, 100×10, 300×10 recovery pace, 2 mile warm-up Wednesday: Spin and abs Thursday: 4.6 miles Friday: Rest day Saturday: 5k race […]

Race recap: the (not) Too Hot to Handle!

Sunday was my first 15k race, the (not) Too Hot to Handle! By it’s name it should have been a warm and humid race. We had this crazy cold front come through Saturday which brought rain and cooler temps. It was welcomed with open arms! This also means that next year’s Too Hot to Handle […]

Training and week in pictures!

This coming to an end, which means my stay-cation is almost over! I don’t want to think about it, but it’s looming over me now. I go back on Tuesday. Ally leaves for church camp Monday, she is super excited. Training this week: Sunday: 2 mile run, 10:03 pace Monday: Rest Day Tuesday: 4 miles, […]

Patriot Half and a shiny PR!

I DID IT! I got my sub-2 hour half marathon! As I’m writing this, I’m still waiting on official results but it should be between 1:57 and 1:58. I could not be happier! This race marks the 1 year anniversary of my first half marathon and will always hold a special place in my heart. […]