Russian Twists, oh my!

Happy Saturday! Today was long run day for me, 9 miles done! It was a nice temperature but the wind started picking up the last 4 miles. We still managed to pull out a 10:32 average pace for 9 miles! Hoping to hit the gym sometime today for just weights. Are you participating in Too […]

We’ll call this Brag Day!

It’s Friday! Who’s excited?? I want to hear what you’ve been up to. What are your accomplishments this week, this month, since January? Lost weight, inches, met a plank goal, a running goal? Whatever it is, let’s hear it! Yesterday I got 5 miles in, at just under 10:30 per mile. Just started working on […]

Goals getting crushed!

I am so excited I finally hit a 2 minute plank!! This morning I ran 3.25 miles at 9:24 pace, got speed work in. Did a mini boot-camp after with sprints, planks and russian twists! Got 40 V-ups done and plan for 40 more tonight! Shout out to Run Find Your Happy Pace for hosting […]

Running buddies!

Yesterday I had some cute running buddies for my virtual 5k. I am participating in the 13 in 2013 challenge. That’s 13 races this year. There was a virtual race this week, Tackle the Miles, to help us reach that goal. Ally and I ran the 5k with Molly. My cute running buddies! Molly likes […]

12 miles feels awesome!

I haven’t run this far since October 27, 2012 when I did 13.1 in California! It’s been a battle since then with injuries but I’m coming back strong! It felt so good to get 12 miles today. It was slower than my “usual” pace but these days a run is a run, no matter the […]