2014: My year in racing {link-up}

Thanks to Montana over at Pretty Lil Mudder for hosting this link up!   Here is my run down of racing this year! Most Scenic Course: Dallas Marathon, this course went all over Dallas. There was always something to see. Lots of pretty houses, Greenville Avenue, White Rock Lake, Highland Park Fire Station had a […]

Wednesday Wonderfulz #4, Race edition

You know that saying “a day late and a dollar short”? Well I am almost a day late and a post short. This month has flown by and I’ve been busy and distracted and unfortunately the blog is suffering. But  I’ve been thinking about this theme for a while and am excited to share my […]

Cowtown race weekend, part 1 {2014}

I don’t even know where to start. The last few days have been a roller coaster. Who am I kidding, the last few months have been. This has been a 7.5 month journey, thanks to “Icemageddon” 2013 and the Dallas marathon being cancelled. We headed to Ft. Worth Friday night, it just makes the weekend […]

Cowtown, abs + giveaway

Today is the official start of Cowtown race weekend for me! Ally and I each have a 5k in the morning, but mine will not be run for time. This week has been busy which is good, it has kept my mind off the fact that I can’t run. I’ve been busy making a list […]

Marathon training: 19 weeks and counting

I can’t believe that. Week 19 is finished. I really wasn’t sure if it’s week 1 or 19…I went with 19. Didn’t have to completely start over but it feels like it. I was mentally done. I have to get myself excited and motivated again. I really enjoyed training, but I was needing that break. […]

Dallas Marathon cancelled

Yep, it’s cancelled. We are covered in ice here in the DFW area. Lots of safety concerns. I’m bummed, really bummed. But, I understand the reasoning. Doesn’t make it any easier to accept 4.5 months of training though. I’m already signed up for the Cowtown Full, just changed from the half today. So, now the […]

Race weekend! {Cowtown race review}

Wow! What a busy weekend. I’ve never had two races in one weekend, but the first go wasn’t too bad. The race was about an hour or so from where we live so we got a hotel for the weekend and it was so much easier than driving back and forth two days in a […]

#30DayHomies Day 25 ~ Running

It’s Friday and we have less than a week left in the month! It’s going by quick. I am supposed to be in the midst of training for the Cowtown Half on February 24. But my foot has been hurt for a few weeks. I’m good to go now, so hopefully by this time tomorrow […]

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