#30DayHomies Day 31, part 2

You didn’t think that was it, did you? If you are still tuning in you are in for a treat! We have one more GRAND, GRAND prize, it comes from Mizuno. Yes, that Mizuno, the ones that make fabulous running shoes! (among other things) They have generously offered up 1 pair of Mizuno Wave Rider […]

#30DayHomies Day 31!!

This is it! Did you stick with us the whole month? I hope you are seeing the results of your hard work. So, now what? Well, hopefully you started something you are ready to continue! I love that I tried new stuff I tried this month! Yoga Pull up machine at the gym Stair master […]

#30DayHomies Day 30

It’s Day 30 and today’s giveaway is from Fit Approach “Sweat Pink”! I am a Sweat Pink Ambassador, which means I am here to inspire and encourage you, both by words and actions. Sweat Pink Ambassadors live the Fit Approach mission every day: they sweat hard, play hard, and inspire those around them to achieve their […]

#30dayHomies Day 29!

It’s Day 29! My first day back to 5@5 (5 miles at 5AM). Haven’t been in so long, it was great to be back! It was a lovely 68 degrees and humid this morning (I think 200% humidity!) It made for a tough run but it’s done! Monday was most definitely a rest day for […]

#30DayHomies Day 28

Day 28 brings our first Grand Prize! It comes from Allied Medal Display! I got my medal hanger for my birthday last year, ordered from Allied, and I love it! I don’t have very many medals on it yet, but I’m working on filling it up! I noticed Ally added her medals to it too. […]

#30DayHomies Day 27

Sorry I’m so late today! I’ve been working with Sara on the plans for this week. You will want to pay attention daily for the grand prizes to be announced! In the spirit of the challenge I’ve been trying new stuff some this month. Started with getting on the dreaded stair master, it’s not as […]

#30DayHomies Day 26, lots going on!

It’s Day 26 and I have lots to share! I got 9 miles in this morning and I couldn’t be happier. It was a good run, it was about 45 degrees and it misted on us the entire time but I’ll take that over 28 degrees any day of the week! Ran an average 12 […]

#30DayHomies Day 25 ~ Running

It’s Friday and we have less than a week left in the month! It’s going by quick. I am supposed to be in the midst of training for the Cowtown Half on February 24. But my foot has been hurt for a few weeks. I’m good to go now, so hopefully by this time tomorrow […]

Leslie’s Story

It’s Day 22 of #30DayHomies and I’m doing something different. I have a friend from High School that is on an amazing journey to get healthy and I asked her to share it with me. She is doing so great, read her story and show her some support in the comments! Hello How My World […]

Photo Contest!

Here’s the details on the photo contest. You can submit your photos from now until January 29. Voting runs 8:00AM on January 30 until 11:59PM on January 31. Here’s me and my best workout buddy and friend, Alisha. We don’t always get to workout together but we hold each other accountable.  (If you upload a […]