Exciting news about the blog

I’ve been contemplating a change for a while and I finally did it!

I started How My World Runs about 10 years ago. I was running and looking for a creative outlet. The blog posts were bleak back then. But I liked it and have continued blogging even though I’m not running anymore. It evolved into writing about life, food, and then travel.

I’ve been writing about hotels we visit and trips we take, I’ve added in a few “how to” travel posts and finally decided it was time to rebrand the blog.

Most recent posts include 5 Essential Tips for an All-Inclusive Vacation and our trip to the Valentin Imperial Maya.

For the time being Pinterest will stay How My World Runs but Facebook and Instagram both have accounts under How My World Travels. Everything is linked in this post.

I am excited about the changes and look forward to adding new content!

If you are interested in a vacation, I’d love to earn your business. You can reach me at Lake Pointe Travel at sarah@lakepointetravel.net or 469-698-4071. This is my personal lifestyle blog but I’m a travel agent by day.

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