We’ve gone on some great trips this year. And I managed to stay caught up on the blog posts.

We’ve gone on some great trips this year. And I managed to stay caught up on the blog posts. You can read about Live Aqua Cancun here and our Napa trip here. I have an Instagram page dedicated to travel posts, follow me here.

We just returned from the Cancun area so I have another write up to get started on.


It was a great summer. Ally went to Spain for a month for a Spanish credit and she has started her senior year of college.

Ally and I went to Utah for The Chicks concert in August. We hiked and shopped and I would definitely go back to Utah. They make my favorite whiskey too!

We hiked Doughnut Falls and I dragged her to the High West Distillery to have lunch and grab some “souvenirs”.

I went back to Planet Fitness (big fun!) But seriously, I was annoyed with the gym we had been with since moving. Now that the weather has cooled off a little, I am walking some days. Bear is very excited about that.

Get out and vote

It’s almost time to vote! It’s always important and this election has a lot on the ballot. Early voting in Texas starts October 24. Make a plan to go.

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