Wednesday Wonderfulz #6 Summer faves

It’s time for another installment of Wednesday Wonderfulz! Lynda at FitnessMomWineCountry and I share all things wonderful on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of each month. Feel free to link up your post with us.

Today’s theme is Summer faves. Summer has definitely arrived here in Texas. I actually prefer it over the bitter cold, so I’m not really complaining (just a little bit).

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Wednesday Wonderfulz final 2

First up is this tan spray from Neutrogena. I’ve only been using it about a week so the results are not great yet. I don’t use it every day either. I’m hoping for just a little hint of color since I’m so pasty!


Definitely have to have bright colored nail polish. I will however spare you the picture of my toes, they are a little jacked up still. Anyone else have runner toenails???

nail polish

My super cute purple chevron cup filled with water. This cup goes everywhere with me!

chevron cup

And salads. I love this pasta salad, it’s so easy to make. Pasta, broccoli, turkey, ham, purple onion, cheese, tomato, bacon and mayonnaise.

pasta salad

Do you have a favorite summer salad?

What’s your favorite color nail polish?

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Happy running!

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