Beautiful morning for a PR

It’s been a great training week. Food and water intake is back on track, now just have to keep it up!

Weekly training recap2

Training this week:

Sunday: Spin class

Monday: Track workout, core and conditioning

Tuesday: Track, 100×10, 300×10 recovery pace, 2 mile warm-up

Wednesday: Spin and abs

Thursday: 4.6 miles

Friday: Rest day

Saturday: 5k race

One of my goals for this year was to run a sub 24 minute 5k. I set that goal thinking it would take me until at least Summer or Fall to achieve it. Well, I crushed it this morning so now I have to set a new goal. Apparently all this hard work is paying off and I’m beside myself with excitement!

Green Door 5k, benefiting Children’s Relief International

It was a chilly morning, but I knew I’d warm up fast. It was a hilly course, but one I’m very familiar with so I knew what to expect. I am still a little shocked at my progress, not sure it has sunk in yet. I ended up placing 1st in my age group, 3rd overall and 2nd female to cross. Ally didn’t set a PR this morning but she ran a good race and came in first in her age group as well.

I saw so many PR’s achieved this morning, it was great to be there to cheer my friends on as they hit their goals in the 5k and 10k.

Green door race

I have the Zooma half coming up in 2 weeks. Not sure that I have any time goals for that yet. A friend is going with me, I’m looking forward to running it and hanging out.

Did you race this weekend? Run a training run?

Did you workout?

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