Goals Check + Fab Abs Day 3

My goals are more important the closer I get to race day. I have to remember to keep my food and water in check these next 3 weeks.

Goalscheck 2

This last week went pretty good. I got 32 miles in for the week and 3 days at the gym. In fact my arms and chest are so sore today that I almost couldn’t dress myself this morning….

  • Water: good. Drinking at least 6 a day. I know it needs to be more and I’m working on it. That doesn’t include any water I add to my smoothies.
  • Food: tracked all week. Most days were good. Saturday was, well…I had 2300 calories to replace. I started with a chocolate malt.
  • Abs: adding this to my weekly goals. I worked on my core several days this week. And I’m starting to work my way through our Fab Abs calendar.
  • Weight: up and down, up and down. This drives me crazy. I know I’m doing better though because the clothes that had gotten a little tight are feeling not as tight.
  • Eating out: I’m going to continue my quest to not eat fast food for lunch this month. I did eat it once last week.

Here’s the Fab Abs calender in case you missed it. We are on day 3, working on bicycles today. I did these yesterday too. My goal is to build on these each day.

Fab Abs February

Did you set new goals this month?

How are you doing on your goals?

How about abs? Are you working your way through the calendar with me?

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Let us run with endurance the race God has set before us. Hebrews 12:1

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