Marathon training: 3 more weeks!

I saw this graphic a few weeks ago. I love it!

big runs


I managed to get my 20 miles in yesterday. Plans got all crazy for the weekend and ended up having to split it up. I did 14 miles before work then 6 miles after work. I don’t normally run in the afternoon, so that was a little different, but it was great to run with my friend!

The first 9 miles were very hilly. Then the next 5 were fairly flat, mild inclines. Last 6 generally the same, just a few inclines. My legs/hips feel pretty good today. I’m wondering if that’s because I split up the run. I also remembered to stretch and roll, but I did not take an ice bath.

20 miles 2-1

I did go to the gym today and I quickly realized how tired my legs actually are. I think I will be sore tomorrow as I attempted squats and wall crawls today….oops! Also started on the Fab Abs calendar and did 1-2 crunches, sit-ups, bicycles and leg lifts.

It’s down to the final 3 weeks again. Time to taper. Time to really focus on hydration and eating good. Time to get mentally ready. (And pray for great weather) This week is not off to a good start, but hoping Texas is getting this ice/rain/sleet/snow mix out of our system.

What to wear? My shirt is ready to go, has been since December. I won’t be able to figure out the rest until closer to race day. Still trying to decide whether to wear my fuel belt with water bottles or rely on the water stops.

Not sure how much of the game I’ll watch tonight, I prefer the commercials.

Are you watching the Super Bowl?

Have you every split up a long run?

Did you work out today?

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