January Jumpstart Day 15: Fitness Survey + Pro Compression giveaway

Welcome to day 15! This morning I did 20 minutes of treadmill intervals, arms, wall crawls (you don’t want to know!) and the sauna.

I have been busy with January Jumpstart stuff and completely let this month’s Fitness Survey sneak up. We have just a few questions this month.

fitness survey

  1. What part of your body do you want to work on the most? Definitely the area that needs the most work is my core.  But I want arms with definition. 
  2. Favorite and least favorite part of your workout? Least favorite: core (see above). Most favorite: arms, I love how they are starting to look. 
  3. What is your favorite fitness class to attend? I’ve only attended a few classes. My favorite is probably Nike Training Club and 2nd would be Spin, even though it kicked my booty!
  4. Do you have a favorite smoothie recipe? Yes, at home I use chocolate protein powder with frozen bananas, strawberries, sometimes cherries and PB2. My favorite to buy is the Lean 1 Strawberry at Smoothie King….YUMMY!
  5. Favorite place to run? (trails, track, streets, treadmill, etc) Favorite place is the road. I’m starting to tolerate the treadmill. I really want to try trail running but I’m so scared I’ll get injured then can’t run at all. 🙁
  6. Share a picture of your race bling!

race bling

 Link up your Fitness Survey here!

I’m so excited Pro Compression is back on board with us this year. They have some great compression socks. I love them! I wear them during long runs but mostly for recovery. Either the day of and/or the day after. They really help my legs feel better. Compression gear is a great asset to your “workout closet”. They aren’t just for runners!


This giveaway runs from 8AM CST January 15, 2014 until 8Pm CST January 21, 2104. The winner will be notified January 22, 2014. The giveaway is for 1 pair of Pro Compression socks, winner’s choice of color and size. No purchase necessary. Must be a US resident to win. Void where prohibited by law.

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Don’t forget about the 40% off code that runs until February 15. Use code BLG13 at checkout, includes free shipping on marathon socks and sleeves.

Did you work out today?

Do you wear compression socks or sleeves?

Have you tried a new workout this month?

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