Dallas Marathon cancelled

Yep, it’s cancelled. We are covered in ice here in the DFW area. Lots of safety concerns. I’m bummed, really bummed. But, I understand the reasoning. Doesn’t make it any easier to accept 4.5 months of training though.

I’m already signed up for the Cowtown Full, just changed from the half today. So, now the plan is to re-train/stay trained for Cowtown. Problem is I’ll need another pair of shoes before then! (YIKES) The countdown is on to February 23, 2014!

I have some awesome friends, they’ve all been checking on me today and one couple even came by and picked me and Ally up for lunch!

So, this is what it looks like around my house today. Kids and dogs bundled up to play outside.

ice storm

And I apparently got ahead of myself last week. I wrote the weekly recap and said 19 weeks done, the week before was 16. Oops! So, last week was 17 and this week was 18.

Training this week:

Sunday: Gym day, treadmill, weights, abs

Monday: Rest day

Tuesday: 3 miles, 9:13 pace

Wednesday: 2 miles, on the treadmill 9:29 pace, plus abs and stretching

Thursday: Rest day

Friday: Rest day

Saturday: hoping to go to the gym, just depends on the roads here.

I’d love to get a few miles in Sunday once the sun comes out and melts some of this stuff!

The plan is to re-evaluate and figure out where I need to start from here to get ready for Cowtown. I was really hoping for a few weeks of gym time so we shall see.

Cowtown logo

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Are you getting snow or ice?

Ever have a race cancel? How did you cope?

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