What’s in your make-up drawer?

I love make-up. I always have. I love to wear it. I love to buy it. Ulta sucks me in like nobody’s business!

Not sure why but my mom never wore make-up much when I was little, still doesn’t.  While I love make-up, I never really got a lesson in applying it. I keep thinking some day I’ll get my friend Shannon to teach me, her make-up is amazing!

My make-up is in a 3 drawer container under my sink. Most of it is in one drawer though.

It’s a jumbled mess in there. Mascara, brushes, eye shadow applicators, blush, eye lash curler (which I just started using), and anti-wrinkle cream of course.

My favorites:

  • Eye liner: Cover Girl Perfect Point Plus
  • Mascara: Almay but I’m trying the Ulta brand and Rimmel as well.
  • Foundation: Maybelline Dream Smooth Mousse
  • Powder: Maybelline Dream Matte Powder
  • Eye shadow and blush: Ulta brand


My favorite place to shop for make-up is Ulta and I love their coupons and sales! Wednesday I found my mailer with my rewards in it and a coupon for another free item. The Ulta brand was buy 1, get 1 free. So, long story short: I got 4 items for $2.17 with tax. I have no idea how, it was supposed to be at least $6.

I feel like I robbed them!


New items:

Where do you keep your make-up?

What’s in your make-up “drawer”?

Favorite make-up brand? Item?

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