Halloween traditions {guest post}

Sara at She Cooks, She Crafts, She Runs shares her family’s Halloween traditions. Their costumes are so cute!


Hope everyone else had lots of Halloween fun!  We dressed up as…
The Flintstone’s!  I like to do Halloween pretty big at our house but this is the first year we’ve all dressed up together.  Seriously one of my first thoughts when I had my little girl and saw her red hair was,”We totally have to dress up as the Flintstones for Halloween one day…”  I’m blaming my vision on post csection morphine!
I was sort of upset that I didn’t fully follow my vision of turning our wagon into the Flintstone car and spraying my lab with purple and pink hair color paint so she could be Dino.  But hey, you have to draw the line somewhere right?
I made everyone’s costume except mine.  I got mine on zulily for like $20 with the wig and all so I thought that was pretty good.  I seriously got away with all of us dressing up for around $30.  I think that’s a steal for all four of us!
We went trick or treating and everyone loved the get up.  My son was so brave and even though he’s only 4, he would walk right up the the doors and knock.  I was so proud!  At 4, he’s already a master trick or treater!
Of course I had to start today November 1, with a funny prank on him…(the video wouldn’t embed, but if you click here you can see it on her blog.)
Thanks Jimmy Kimmel for the funny idea!  I must say, I have to start #30daysofThanks with saying how thankful I am that my kids are so sweet.
Happy First Day of November!  Now for the holiday festivities to begin!  I LOVE this time of year!

What did you dress up for Halloween?



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