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Through my affiliation with Girls Gone Sporty I was chosen to participate in a campaign with Michelle Bridges 12 Week Body Transformation project. Michelle Bridges’ program is coming to the US in 2014. This is a paid campaign, I get all the features of the program and just share my experiences here.

Girls Gone Sporty Ambassador Badge

Our program started October 23 with 8 tasks, including: weighing, measurements, fitness test, setting goals, make a commitment to do the work, and choosing our workout plan.

We get weekly meal plans with grocery list and recipes. No frozen meals.

One of the big things she asks is to clean out your pantry. Throw out the junk food. We don’t have a lot of that hanging around so that wasn’t too hard. I did have chocolate chip cookies that were left from earlier last week. I saved those for Ally to have. My biggest thing is the processed foods. I don’t buy boxed meals but we do have a few canned items, mostly beans, which are on the list of ok items. I buy frozen and fresh veggies and fruit.

One of the recommended items is fruit bread, I took that as Raisin Bread. Since I love that already, that was an easy one to buy. I also grabbed pita bread for sandwiches. I had already switched to wheat bread and wheat pasta. I have cut back on making pasta at home, it’s my downfall.

Overall my pantry and fridge looked pretty good. I have a few items to pick up though.

She recommends a food scale. I haven’t ever used one. May look into it. This program will take me 4 of the last 6 weeks of marathon training. I will use it to get focused and get my self control back in check.

My goals are:

  • No fast food for lunch.
  • No sweets (cookies, donuts, candy, sweet tea, soft drinks)
  • Just watch my portions.
  • No muffins unless I make them and they have protein in them.

Sweet tea and soft drinks aren’t a real big issue for me, but I want to try to avoid them for sure during these 4 weeks. The cookies, donuts and candy have been calling me LOUDLY. It’s ridiculous.


Our challenge for the 1st week was to create an inspiration board. It could be done with magazines and poster board or on Pinterest. I went with Pinterest so I could see anytime, anywhere. Check out my board here and watch for more to be added to it.

Pinterest Motivation Board for 12WBT

Do you weigh your food with a scale?

Do you have a current goal you are willing to put in the work to achieve?

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