Holiday family traditions

This week SSS Bloggers will be sharing some of our family holiday traditions.

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Halloween is not that big in our house. Not sure why. It was never one I was that excited about. Maybe as a kid, I’ll have to ask my mom. Ally doesn’t even want to trick or treat this year. She’s going to help at my parent’s church carnival.

We do however get a pumpkin and carve it. Since I’m a procrastinator we didn’t get our pumpkin until this weekend. Ally, of course, picked out the saddest, funniest looking one she could find.


carved pumpkin

I love Thanksgiving and the time between then and Christmas. It’s my favorite time of the year. I have a big family and I always loved getting together with them. It’s been an adjustment for John, he’s an only child and from a small family. Mine is big and we are not quiet!

My best friend and I shop every year on Black Friday. I’m not a fan of stores starting on Thanksgiving Day now, it kinda ruins the whole Black Friday thing. It’s our day to shop and hang out, no kids. It’s just a fun time for us to spend together and I love it!

We don’t always eat turkey and dressing. Sometime we do Mexican or Italian cuisine, but the traditional turkey and dressing is my favorite. My Aunt Lana makes the best dressing. I’ve gotten the recipe from her and sort of come close to it, but it’s not the same. Since I have a big family there are usually several Christmas “events” during the month.

There’s usually lots of baking between now and Christmas. One year my mom and my friend and her daughter came over and we baked all day. I think I’d like to try to fit that in again this year. Don’t worry I’ll share some of those recipes too.

I always get our Christmas tree out the Friday after Thanksgiving and get it decorated that weekend. It stays up until December 27 or so. I almost always have it down by New Years Eve.

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