Marathon training: 9 down, 9 to go!

It’s officially the half way mark! I’m starting to feel exhausted, a lot. Wednesday I took two short naps. Thursday I fell asleep after my shower while waiting to take Ally to school. I’m totally pumped for this training, but it is a lot of work. Luckily I train at 5AM so it doesn’t interfere with our home life, other than me going to bed at 9PM. Is it bad to go to bed the same time as your 12 year old??

Week 9


Training this week:

Sunday: Gym day, cardio, abs and weights

Monday: Track workout, 10 minutes of running hills and 10 minutes of walking

Tuesday: 4 miles, 9:53 pace

Wednesday: 6.5 miles, 10:08 pace

Thursday: 4 miles, Run/Walk Intervals, 9:57 pace

Friday: Rest Day

Saturday: 10 miles plus a 10k race for 16 miles total! Ended up with a 9:53 pace including the race.

I’m so excited that SSS Bloggers has a logo, we are official now! Have you checked out the other two “S’s” in SSS? It’s Sara at She Cooks, She Crafts, She Runs and Shelly at Running Pfuhl. What do you think? We usually collaborate on 1-2 posts a week.



 Got my first pair of Injinji socks this week.




Ally got a PR in the 5k this morning and took 2nd in her age group. I’m so proud of how far she’s come!


This finish line photo my friend took says it all. I’m exhausted! My friend Jennifer beside me ran the 16 too. That guy came out of nowhere at the end at sprinted in. We were trying to beat him.

finish line

This week our mid week runs go up to 8 miles. It’s getting real. I made a few changes to my sidebar this week. Added categories and a picture that takes you to my “About Me” page.

Did you workout today?

Anyone racing this weekend?

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