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Today’s post is from Shelly at Running Pfuhl. My goals for the week are at the bottom.



So by now we’re getting into the groove…..
School is in full swing…
Cooler temperatures are here…
Our teams are winning or faltering….

I’m beginning to feel like I’m in a routine. School starts later in the day now and I’m having to figure out when to eat breakfast, when can I run, when will I work, when will chores be crossed off my list (read: Ever Be Done!). Today was the first day I ate breakfast before a run, in a long time. I need breakfast. I don’t know if it’s been the lack of breakfast or the hot temps, or the cooler weather or just my mentality lately. My runs have been horrible. It’s amazing that I keep lacing up and putting one foot in front of the other!

Last weekend I had an 8 mile run, it was warm towards the end but it was a great run. Monday’s run was well… walking. Wednesdays run was well… intervals. Thursday though was my annual birthday bridge run…. I smoked the bridge! It’s amazing it’s still there!! One of my fastest runs. Woo Hoo!! Then Saturday came and my long run sucked. It shouldn’t have. It was great weather, a flat(er) route than the week before. I just couldn’t get into a rhythm. It was a struggle. Meh. Running Is Stupid!

I feel like my runs these days are like watching a football game. Like the Packers Game Sunday. Interceptions. Fumbles. Penalties and Personal Fouls. I feel like there should be a press conference after my run to discuss what all I did wrong. But it’s a new week… time to prepare for a new week. Watch the film (play out in my head)….. watch film of the opponent (longer distance) and prepare accordingly.

Be Swift!
Stretch! I need to stretch after every run and do yoga on off days. It’s Got To Happen!
Water! Drink It!! Set my timer, do what I have to do to get hydrated, just because it’s 75 instead of 105 doesn’t mean my body suddenly doesn’t need hydration.
Ice Ice Baby! It’s good that nothing hurts! Hooray!! Let’s keep it that way with natures anti-inflammatory. Ice it all down after a run!
Fuel!! Get Real Food!! My Birthday Week is over, and it’s time to get serious about fueling for these runs. They are getting longer. I wouldn’t drive my car long distance without a full tank of gas…. why do I ask my body to?
Time. Time to sleep…. naps are for grown ups too. Down time for my brain…..veg in front of the tv, or knitting, or with a book. Time on my feet… putting the miles in. Time reading… blogs, blurbs and runner’s world. Time to stop worrying about time. There is plenty of time. It will all get done. I will be ready for the next run, walk, race.

In looking things up about being swift this week… the word that comes into play is agility. This link shows various Agility Drills.

The few exercises though that I think helps runners the most though is:

  • One Leg Squats
  • Step Ups (done fast or slow)
  • Vertical Jumps

I encourage you to add this onto your routine. Maybe 20 each leg…. or how many can you do in 60 seconds. And if you want…. do the drills. These are easy and can be done in your neighborhood… with mailboxes instead of cones. Or at the park…. use the swings as your target to turn or pivot. Switching things up causes the body to bring results. It has to think about what it’s doing, it has to use different muscles, parts of the brain to keep up with your new moves!

Let us know how you’re doing! And how’s your favorite team this year?


#GoalsCheck 500x500


With marathon training in full swing, my weight training and cross training accidentally got put on the back burner. There are only so many days in the week and I got off track! I have some goals to work on now.

  • Weights: even if it’s just my 5 pound weights at home, gotta get this done!
  • Abs: Every.single.day. This is a must!
  • Stretching.
  • Water.
  • Food. I can’t seem to find a balance right now. I have really good days and really BAD days. I don’t think My Fitness Pal is giving me enough calories so I’m hungry and that leads to really bad choices. I’m upping those calories and going to try to eat 1/2 my exercise calories back. Long run days are still a work in progress. When I burn over 1200 calories I have no choice but to replenish those. The caloric burn on those days will get to 1600-2000 soon.
  • Sleep. I’m tired, I have to try to get in med 30 minutes earlier to at least get settled down. That’s 9:00-9:15pm. It’s not going to be easy but at least 3 nights a week I have to try.

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Did you workout today?

How was your weekend?

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