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It’s the 2nd edition of Fitness Survey. We are going to start doing this every 2nd Wednesday of the month. Feel free to link up or shoot me an email if there’s something you want to know!

Thanks to Sara at She Cooks, She Crafts, She Runs for hosting!

fitness survey


  • What is your favorite healthy and filling breakfast? I am not a big breakfast eater, but I make myself eat breakfast because I know it’s important. My favorite(s) would be protein smoothies or bagel with peanut butter & banana.

  • What keeps you motivated? The clothes in my closet! I can’t afford to buy bigger ones so I gotta keep this up. That sounds crazy superficial, but I was overweight for so long, when I bought smaller clothes and gave away the big ones I told myself never again.

  • What’s your favorite way to change up your routine? Try a new exercise. I get bored at the gym on the elliptical, so I’ve started trying the stair master again. It’s so hard to do, but I need a challenge to keep me going.

  • What’s your go-to “get back on track” tip? Food is mostly what gets off track for me. So, that means I have to cut out eating fast food, take my lunch. Focus on drinking water. 

  • What is your favorite distance to race? So far, half marathon is my favorite. I really like long distance running. 

  • Name one thing on your fitness bucket list. Full Marathon (to be completed this year)

  • Best reason for living a healthy lifestyle. I like how I feel. 

  • Favorite workout at the gym or home?(push-up, crunches,etc) Besides running, lifting weights is my favorite! 

  • Show us your shoes!  Take a picture of your fitness shoe pile! Nike for the gym and Asics to run!


Link up your Fitness Survey here! Email me if you want to get the questions next month. (


Did you workout today? What is one thing on your fitness bucket list?

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