#GoalsCheck and Ab workouts!

Today’s post is from Sara at She Cooks, She Crafts, She Runs. She’s closing out June with a few more ab exercises.


Since it’s the last Monday in June I’m going to wrap up our Abs month with some of my favorite ab exercises.  I love ending up some of my running workouts by 5-10 minutes of continuous ab exercises. By the end of it, my abs are SCREAMING!


Here’s a great video demonstration. If you’ve never tried them, I highly recommend them!

I usually do these for 30-60 secs as a rep.


With a regular plank between this is a great balance AND abs exercise!  All my girlfriends that I’ve coached to do this exercise have come back to me and said how impressed they are with themselves for working into it.


I know this looks alot like the plank and it is a lot like a plank but this is called the Dolphin.  Instead of being on your hands in plank you are on your elbows with hands clasped.  Moving from this to downward facing dog works your abs like CRAZY!  You may have to shuffle your feet in some as you move from one to another.


The constant switching of your elbow to knee and holding the abs in will BURN!  I will admit I tend to get lazy on this use my hands to help my neck but I always feel the burn.


Each time I just can’t believe it but my abs will be so sore after I do this move!


This one is hard to keep your balance but boy does it pay off with your abs!

Love my yoga poses?

I am a yoga lover so please be sure to check out my past yoga abs moves!

#Goalscheck Linkup

We have one more week before the 4th so we have to get our beach bodies ready!  I’m trying to pick some races to delve into and get ready for!
#GoalsCheck 500x500
Goals for this week:
  • Swimming: Last week I made it more than half way across the pool without coming up for air. This is big for me! I have struggled with breathing. So, I hope to keep building on that progress!
  • Weights: Up to 55 pounds on the bench press and I tried out a few different weight machines at the gym this week.
  • Running: 3 days a week, pace is not quite what I want, but with this humidity it’ll have to do for now.
  • Cross training: I was really exhausted this last week with the added track workouts. I may skip them while Ally is out of town and try some other options. I tried an 11 minute kettle bell workout video this morning and liked it!
Have you set your goals? What are you doing to reach them?
Link up your goals this week:


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Have a great week!

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