If I got married all over again….{sponsored post}

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If I got married all over again…..Don’t worry, the only man I plan to marry again is the one I married 17 years ago! Yes, 17 years next month. (I was 12 when we married.) Our anniversary is July 6, I thought this post was perfect timing.

The year was 1996. It was big hair, poofy dresses and teal green. Yes. I know. Teal green. See for yourself. I even had the bridesmaids shoes dyed to match. I’m sure my friends will never, ever speak to me again after posting this picture!


We had a lovely church wedding with all our friends and family there. We honeymooned in San Antonio and started our life in Dallas.


wedding invite

I had a lot of fun with this post and got John in on it too. Basically planned our wedding for 2013 if we were to do it again! I asked him what he would do differently. His list basically includes “run away to the beach” or “throw a big party”! The beach is enticing to me now, but it wasn’t then. I was getting married one time and it was going to be in a church in a white dress! (a poofy one)

My thoughts:

  • Red
  • Maybe outdoors in November, not July
  • Dancing
  • Use real flowers

Minted.com has a ton of designs for wedding invitations and I had a blast picking out my favorites! There are so many options for themed weddings, parties and destination weddings!

This one is a book and they have several different styles. I liked this one probably because of the colors, you can customize it.

fave minted2


I like the theme of this one, kinda vintage but fancy as well! This would be for a party!

Fave minted1

Love this one because it’s fun. Shows the couples personalities!


Fave minted3


So, basically we decided we’d throw a party and use one of these invitations for our next wedding or maybe it’ll be a big anniversary party. Now….to pick out the diamonds!

You can find Minted and their full line of products here:

Anyone getting married soon? Have a wedding anniversary coming up?

Hope you all have a great weekend!

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