Abs challenge and #GoalsCheck {link-up}

It’s Monday which means it’s time to check in on our abs challenge and look at our goals for the week! Today’s post comes from Shelly at Running Pfuhl!


It’s Week Two of the Triple S June #abtastic challenge. Have you been keeping up? If not will you start today? Declare your goals for the week.
For me it’s seems easier if I have a plan. I write it down. It’s my #GoalsCheck, am I getting one step closer every day? The #abtastic challenge is helping me stay focused.
Gotta whittle this middle down! They say the mind is the last to go… I beg to differ!! It’s whittling this middle down! For as much as I know that “abs are made in the kitchen” there’s nothing to reveal if I’m not doing the work! And I’m not talking Jersey Shore Abs. Just Less Jiggle!
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Triple S is still promoting Angel’s (from Well-Girl) calendar and exercises. This week there’s good variety! As always I will incorporate these moves into a tabata style workout, which will look like this:
  • Dynamic Stretching
  • Start Timer – 4 minutes (20 seconds on, 10 seconds rest
  • Jumping Jacks
  • Push Ups
  • Ab Move of the Day
  • Standing Leg Lifts
  • 35 second plank
#Abtastic moves of the week:
Monday – Bicycles
Tuesday – Reverse Crunch
Wednesday – REST
Thursday – Toe Touch
Friday – Plank
Saturday – Russian Twist
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Shelly from Running Pfuhl
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Instagram: @runningpfuhl
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Instagram: @howmyworldruns
Here are my goals for the week!


  • Water: still doing good, I did have 1/2 a Dr. Pepper on Saturday. Haven’t had one in a while.
  • Weights: did good this week, got my squats in with the kettle bell too
  • Food: really good this last week, didn’t over eat, I may not have eaten enough on some days. I had a headache several days and I’m not sure what attributed to that.
  • Training: I only got in 3 runs this week, 2 were pretty bad. Just feeling completely worn-out. I am going to take tomorrow off, something I never do. My right leg is feeling a bit sore so I’d rather rest it now instead of risking an injury.
  • Swimming: I didn’t get any swims in last week, but I went this morning!

You can link up your goals here!

Have you made your goals? Do you write them down? Are you working on your abs?

Have a great week!
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