Easy DIY project and a new recipe

I love saving Race bibs, I love being able to look back at those first few races and see where I’ve come from. But, where do I store them? At first, they just got stacked up on a bookshelf or the dining room table (doesn’t everything go there???)

I finally got the bright idea to put them in a binder in clear inserts. I was even clever enough to print out race results and slip those in there too! I do need to get a bigger binder but so far this has worked for mine and Ally’s. Very easy and very cheap!

I’m sure there’s a much fancier way to store this info!

DIY race bib binder


New Recipe

I found this very yummy salad and salad dressing on A Garden Grazer this week and tried it out last night. The dressing is a homemade cilantro dressing made with yogurt and lime, that recipe is here. I was in the mood for grilled cheese so we did turkey bacon, mozzarella cheese and sourdough bread with the salad on the side. Her pictures are much prettier than mine!

Grilled cheese and salad


Grocery shopping for the week included these yummy fruits and veggies. Ally is making her Thai chicken with peanut butter tomorrow night, it’s pretty good too. I’ll have to track down that recipe and share it this weekend.

Good food

Tried any new recipes lately? Where do you store your race bibs? Do you even keep them?

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