14 miles is….done!

Yep, 14 miles! I finally broke past 13.1. I’ve never tried to, wasn’t sure I could. It’s definitely a confidence booster to accomplish a longer distance.

It all started when I said out loud I was hoping to run my first full marathon this year, in December. I’m a part of a great running club and Moms Run This Town so I have lots of training partners! Our normal group is training for the Patriot Half Marathon which is on Memorial Day. It’s a crazy, hilly course that goes all over our town. Training run for today was 8 miles for everyone else, 14 for me and one other girl, hopefully my future marathon training partner!


I use this training plan for my half marathons, it’s a beginner plan. I never thought about changing it, didn’t think I needed to. It was brought up today that I should be running past 13.1 in training for a half now, that it might/should help with a PR. So, in a few weeks it’ll be 15, then I’ll taper down before the race. I’m doing research for a intermediate/advanced half training plan now.

I had to work today also, so my day started at 4:20AM to get these miles in…I’m having a hard time staying awake now.

I’ve been hungry all day today, just kinda snacking, and trying to be good about food choices. I’ve gotten lots of protein today. Need some carbs for dinner.

What half marathon training plans do you use? Do you run past 13.1 while training for a half?

Did you #EarnYourShower today? I did!

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