What’s in my #FitnessCloset?

This was a fun post! Thanks to fellow blogger, Pavement Runner for this awesome idea! Let’s take a peek at my closet.

My stuff is spread out, unfortunately. I’ve got clothes in the closet, drawers, a fabric tub. Shoes are in several places. So, this was a great way to get it a little bit organized and get rid of a few things.

These little drawers are hanging in my closet, they are mostly holding shoes but I found this works too. But now my socks and sports bras have outgrown them.


Most of my shirts and jackets have a space on hangers in my closet. This will mostly be warm weather workout gear.


I have a mild obsession with shoes, well running and workout shoes.

Shoes on the left are Newton Lady Isaacs, I am breaking these in slow. Shoes on the right are Asics Gel Cumulus, which get most of my miles. I will be searching for another pair soon, as I’ll be starting Marathon training! The little purple pouch on my Asics holds the shoe pod for my Nike + Sport Watch.


Gym shoes are Nike TR In-Season trainers with comfort footbed soles. Love these and just recently added a pair of Nike Free’s.


When it gets warm here in Texas, it’s warm. There’s no real relief from it. But after running in 28 degrees and lots of wind, I think I actually prefer it. I have several running skirts and I love those. Most came from Target and they are Champion brand. Actually a lot of my stuff comes from Target. I did recently discover JC Penney has a great, affordable selection of workout gear.


And shirts and tanks.


These two are probably my favorites right now. The multi-color top is Fila, comes from Kohl’s and the purple one is Old Navy.


When the weather is between warm and cold, I use arm sleeves. They are easy to push down when it warms up during a run. This picture also features my Zensah calf sleeves which I love and my compression socks. I have both Swiftwick and Pro Compression. I wear them during long runs when it’s cold and for recovery when it’s too warm to run in them.


Sports bras – I do own more than one, but this Handful Bra is my absolute favorite and I’m making it my mission to replace all my sports bras with these bras. They really are the best I’ve found.


Gym bag – I run 3-4 days a week and go to the gym usually 2 days a week. Everything I need for the gym and to run goes in this bag and I take it with me every time. I got it on clearance on Nike.com not that long ago!


And everything else, and really I’m sure there’s something I’m missing! Nike +Sport Watch, Road ID bracelet, iFitness Fuel belt, Handana, Knuckle lights for those dark runs (which is almost every time), Blinker, Personal Savers mace, Heart rate monitor, Pedometer, Happy Bands and Bondi Bands. I don’t run with music much anymore but when I do it’s an iPod shuffle and Yurbuds. The fuel belt is for really warm weather runs and/or anything over 6 miles if it’s not a loop we are running. I gotta have my water!


It seems like a lot of stuff, but I do use it. I don’t carry all the above stuff on every run, it’s just what I have. I have been carrying mace lately and always a flash light. Most of my runs are at 5AM during the week and about 5:30-6 on the weekends. It’s nice to see the sun come up on those runs.

What’s in your #FitnessCloset? Do you have a favorite item?

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