Dallas Rock N’ Roll Half Marathon!

It’s done! I was so looking forward to this race and now I couldn’t be happier it’s done. I knew a lot of people running it and really enjoy seeing everyone running and our running family out there cheering!

The weekend started with the expo on Saturday. Rock N’ Roll really knows how to put on a great expo! I’ve never seen one like this. It was great to see Brooks there, Ally and I both got on the treadmill and got our gait analysis done. Looks like she needs new shoes ASAP! My favorites also included Nuun and Yurbuds. I went with my friend Angie and she got all fixed up at the KT Tape booth. ‘


Our group made shirts and got these great pink skirts from Lily Bomb!


And the back!


I did not, however, enjoy the wind. The main reason I was looking forward to this race is because I thought the weather would be perfect…it was not. Now, some runners may have thought today’s weather was perfect, and I tip my hat to you. The temperate wasn’t the issue, it was the 20-25 mph wind, which made the temp feel much colder.

RnR 1

Race day started at 4:40AM, I was carpooling with friends and meeting at 5:30AM. We got to Fair Park at 6AM and rode the bus to the start line. I haven’t done very many one-way races, it went really well. The buses were nice and warm! We got dropped off at Dallas City Hall and proceeded to wait along with everyone else in the cold wind. We took a bathroom break and took some pre-race picture. I also used bag drop for the first time and it was easy and I feel comfortable using it in the future.

RnR 2



I was running with a good friend and training partner, we were in Corral 8. Our friends were spread out over just about all the corrals. We stopped at each one dropping off friends and taking pictures. We got to start about 8:10. We had originally discussed keeping our pace about 10 minutes per mile at first, then stepping it up later, hoping to finish about 2:10. That plan quickly became a sub-10 start and sub 9 finish! We hit a little over 1o a few times but didn’t stay there long.

RnR9RNR13 RnR6

I was feeling really good for the most part, finally warmed up about mile 3, tied my jacket around my waist. We saw some friends cheering at mile 3, but I didn’t think to give them our jackets, oops! Never did take the gloves off, my fingers never stayed warm enough. Grabbed some Gatorade at mile 7 I think, then ate our chews. Everything is a blur, I did get a few pictures along the way early on.

RnR5 RnR 4


At about mile 11-12 I wasn’t sure I was going to make it, we had kept our pace in the low 9’s, hitting a few sub-9’s at times. I knew we were set to PR and didn’t want to quit but it was hard. I can’t even imagine how much harder it will be to get under 2 hours. It’s on my long term goal list. I say long term because once I get sub-2 I want to be able to stay there. That means ramping up my speed on all my runs, different training and I’m not quite ready for that. I have a lot to accomplish this year and I’m not sure I want to push that yet. We will see what life brings. Right now I’m ecstatic with 2:03:07. I’m beyond happy!


5k time: 31:06

10k time: 1:01:05

10 mile time: 1:36:17

Official pace: 9:24 per mile

Chip time: 2:03:07


I had a great run, had great company and yummy food today! I will rest until Wednesday, go to the gym, then back to 5@5 on Thursday. My next half marathon is almost 2 months away. The Patriot is here in my hometown and it’s the 2nd year for it. It’s on Memorial Day!

Have a great week and don’t forget to enter the Empower Fitness giveaway here!

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