Random stuff and a winner!

This is a random post and we have a winner. I know you are probably more excited about that than my randomness!

Today’s workout was a 5 mile run, it was actually one of the best 5 milers I’ve had in a while. It was still colder than I wanted it to be, but it was a good run!


It’s a Tuesday version of what I Ate Wednesday! I wanted to share what I made for dinner tonight, it was so yummy! I’m loving my rice cooker and steamer. It’s the simple things in life. I saute’d the chicken in the coconut oil and spices, steamed the veggies, rice and pineapple. Right after I took this picture I cut it all up and mixed it together.


I just finished watching The Biggest Loser from last night! I’m excited for the finale. (Spoiler alert…I’m rooting for Danni!)

We had over 650 entries for the Albion Fit go long top. Congratulations Jodi Stuber! Watch for an email from me.

What was your workout today? Did you eat anything yummy and healthy?

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