Packing for an out of town race….

Packing for a vacation is one thing, packing for a race and a vacation….WOW!

My running “stuff” needs a suitcase or two by itself. Poor John only gets to take what he can wear and a toothbrush! 

I started looking at the weather for next week and it’s all over the map. We fly into San Jose, we are spending time in San Francisco, Sausalito, Mendocino, Calistoga, and I can’t remember where else. Our hotel is in Santa Rosa and the race is just north of there. We are looking at rain and temps in the 50’s-80’s. That’s fun to pack for. 

I’m an over-packer anyway, this is gonna be hard.

This weekend I will be pulling out all the long sleeves, gotta see what’s not too big for me!

So excited, we leave in 8 days, race is in 10 days!

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